Banana Split

A moment to reflect…

Enter into the mind and practice of Tom Leamon, journeying through the depths of an artist who is constantly in flux; forever in a state of rebirth.

Leamon’s practice is not only one of art-making, but also of place-making; creating galleries, studios, retreats… exploring inner worlds and outer landscapes.

Each of the works presented here are a testament to the physical, psychic and emotional spaces in which they were created.

Moving through the gallery, we invite you to leave behind this present moment and take a journey through time and space.

Selected works from the exhibition

Cheval de Frise

170cm x 107cm
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Painted @ Estúdio Yucca 2023

The Butcher

124cm x 84cm
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Painted @ Estúdio Yucca 2022

The Dealership

123cm x 175cm
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Painted @ Casa Independente 2018


125cm x 87cm
Acrylic Paint on Wood
Painted @ The BeeKeepers 2020

The Gentleman’s Gentleman

133cm x 130cm
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Painted @ The BeeKeepers 2015

The Omen

129cm x 99cm
Ink-pen and Watercolour on Card
Painted @ Make Space Studios 2010

Morning Practice

An Ongoing Series

100 x 24cm x 33cm
Indian Ink on Paper

The Chamber Series

A Collection of Paintings @ Estúdio Yucca 2022

Featured Closeup:
The Handyman Complex
62cm x 46cm
Acrylic Paint on Board