The remit: to create a venue in Faro’s bustling nightlife district which inspires, excites and intrigues artists, musicians and just about anyone else who enters. The result is a space which is in turns beautiful, baffling and intensely thought provoking.

Formerly known as Grains 864 it now hails as pali’pse~tu, the previous incarnation was dedicated to craft beers, the interior was basic, industrial, the bare bones of the structure it’s focal point.

While the beers remain, the space is transformed into an eclectic mix of colour, form and curiosity.

Recycled chandeliers fitted with colourful bulbs hang from the vaulted ceilings. Rugs embroidered to resemble tribal masks adorn the long wooden benches.

At the back of the space a single spotlight illuminates a small stage inviting intrepid performers to do their thing. Whilst to the side, a red lit, full length infinity mirror further adds to the sense of theatre and drama.

The centre piece is a wall mural spanning 8x2m. Bold colours within geometric forms are set against a calming neutral canvas.

Behind the worn yet comfortable chairs in the anteroom faded, black and white images adorn the walls whilst red velvet drapes evoke a feeling of some intimate 19th century theatre.

When nature calls, you might be excused in believing that you’ve stumbled upon the mad scribblings of some psychedelic cave dweller. The walls and floors of both the ladies and gents are covered with hieroglyphs, abstract forms, signs and text, all rendered in fluorescent paint and black lit. The effect is both stunning, humorous and a little bewildering.

The patrons intend pali’pse~tu to become a cultural hotspot in the Algarve and plan to feature musicians, poets an artists local to the area and beyond. But whether you manage to catch a live or performance or not, pali’pse~tu justly deserves a visit.

It’s a feast for both the eyes and imagination!

Visit for yourself:

Tv. dos Arcos 8,
8000-470 Faro,