Contemporary Religion – Waterboarding Is Not The Same As Snowboarding

June 2015

A hard back book launched at ‘The Clock Shop Exhibition’ containing original works taken from sketchbooks created by Tom Leamon between 2005 and 2013.  The book was designed by Henry Lindesay-Buthune in conjunction with The Salad Collective.   

Edition: Signed first edition 1 / 100 SOLD OUT

From Paris With Lust And A Poo Finger

June 2008

From Paris With Lust And A Poo Finger was a hand made illustration and poetry book released in Paris.

Edition : 1/200 SOLD OUT

The Lip Man Virus

Jan 2007

The Lip Man Virus was a hand made poetry and photography book put together by Tom Leamon & Ross Plummer in early 2007.

Edition : 1/200 SOLD OUT

Tea Time Poems & Pictures

May 2006  

Tea Time Poems & Picture was a one off picture and poetry book created in 2006.  

Edition : 1/1